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Our Five Star Quality Guarantee

1. Quality equipment: We only use the best quality products from large, established suppliers. This means you won’t be replacing components unnecessarily and your warranty will be secure for its specified lifetime; maximizing your financial return and reducing the chance of outlaying more funds on repairs and upgrades.
2. Quality service: Our team has a professional, friendly and on-time policy, and our experience in project management means we can coordinate a job to run to a schedule that suits you.
3. Quality advice: We take the time to provide advice tailored to your individual situation. We understand the investment you make in your solar system will continue long after we’re gone, so we work closely with you from the outset to find the perfect solution for you. We can also guide you in the right direction for rebates and solar credit schemes.
4. Competitive price: With advances in technology, solar systems are becoming more affordable than ever. This combined with our 'get it right the first time' approach means we minimize down time and give you a competitive price that doesn't include a hidden factor for mistakes.
5. A commitment to the environment Along with ensuring our customer’s satisfaction, contributing to the wellbeing of the environment is our ultimate goal. We use the latest, high quality equipment and keep on top of the newest advances in technology to ensure we are continually creating a positive environmental impact.