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ENFUN-10 U-Pipe Solar Collector

• U-Pipe Solar  Collectors
• Model: ENFUN-10
• 58*1800mm size, 10 tubes (12/15), 
• Manifold header pipe is: 22*0.8mm
• U pipe dimension ; 8*0.45mm
• Aluminum alloy fin length: 1620mm,
• Aluminum alloy fin thickness:0.25mm
• Bracket: galvanized steel or aluminum alloy
• Angle: 45 degree (30/38/50/70 available)

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Working principle of Collector Panel U Pipe: 


The heat energy, transferred from sunlight by evacuated tubes, will be delivered by fins and the U-pipes made of copper, into the heat transferring fluid to heat the water inside the tank via pump.


Collector Panel U Pipe Feature:


1. No water flows in the evacuated tubes, so water scale and tube exposition are avoided, Single broken tube will not affect the working of the system, 

2. It can be integrated with architecture perfectly and be connected with existing pipes,


Collector Panel U Pipe Application: 


The solar collector can be installed in solar heating system to heat water for wide variety of uses, including home, hotel, school, business project and industrial uses. 

When in series or parallel connection, it also can be used to heat swimming pools, and supply heat for under floor heating or air conditioning. 


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